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Kiron Games was created by me, Tom scott in mid 2007 in order to publish my first rpg 'Darker Skies' on the internet. All current versions are free of charge and for the moment, all currently planned releases will be free as well. However there will be a cost to attend a DS or Clasp LARP to cover the cost of hiring the venue and purchasing the equipment. (after playtesting has been completed)

You can find more about the games I've created below.

The Games I Create

The games I am currently developping are as follows:
Darker skies was the first game I designed, it is a tabletop roleplay game that incourages strategy, good roleplay, teamwork and careful thinking. Unlike many rpgs Darker skies has mulitple layers of gameplay, from space combat, to ground missions, from trading to assasination. Players are allowed to freely roam the sector of space they arrive in but space can be a dangerous place, so staying in friendly areas is key for new players. If the player joins a faction then they will be given a wage (per session or weekly whichever is farther apart).
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Following the success of Darker skies, I decided to make another tabletop game, but instead of making another RPG I decided to make a battle strategy game. The objective of the game is to kill your opponent's Heroes and finish the battle with a higher amount of Gold Peices (by killing enemy soldiers your army earns GP) Each Leader is given a starting amount of GP with which to purchase an army, you increase the size and skill of your army by spending those gold peices. If you decide to play a Campaign game (a set of 5 or more games using a single army) You accumalate gold and additional gold is rewarded for a succeful victory.
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Many of my friends are LARPers and I myself attend LARPS as much as I can. I was sitting around one day with my friend will and he said 'You could make a much better system' and so I started work on DS LARP that very evening. DS LARP encompasses many of the popular elements from the Darker skies tabletop with the exception of space based combat. The System works on a skill based system that is devided into three sections: Muscle, Magic and Tech. Players gain Ability points in these three schools by performing actions associated with that school, for example if a large boulder had trapped a native tribesman lifting the boulder to free the native would gain you muscle points, using magic to lift the boulder would gain you magic points and using a machine or explosives to deal with the boulder would earn you tech points, these points are decided by the referees and given to the players at the end of the event, unlike many systems there are no points for just 'turning up' so it encourages people to roleplay better and to perform actions more enthusiastically.
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About the same time I started making the Darker skies tabletop, I was also making plans to make a fantasy MMO that was based on holding territory and a constantly changing political map (where kings were not npcs, they were players), but Darker skies ended up taking priority so my plans remained unfinished and the game never began production. In 2009 I started work on the DS LARP, and while looking through some of my old work I found the Clasp game design sheets I then made it my task over the next 2 years to turn that idea into a fantasy LARP based on the DS larp system. The system, despite being designed using the DS larp as a base, works on an entirely different concept, instead of the three school split there is a single, global kind of points with which to purchase abilities I call them Favor points. To say the idea of the mmo is dead would be untrue, as I'd very much like to continue that idea, but without sufficient knowhow or spare time it's on the back bench for the moment, as always anyone looking to help me move forward with this idea can contact me through the usual channels(now including steam).
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At the begining of September 2012 I came up with a series of concepts for a potential new game, I drafted different worlds and scenarios and eventually came up with the storyline for Aya's Chosen, the people who belong to a once great kingdom now at the brink of destruction. Once I had designed the universe I had to deside what kind of game I wanted to create, and eventually decided that a LARP based on this universe would be more fun than a tabletop. Using parts of the Clasp LARP system I completely redesigned how characters were created, and for the first time moved away from the Murk/Shimmer magic system in favour of an element styled magic system. This LARP is still in development and has a way to go, but is due for release in March 2013. ~ Note: Content on the linked page may change as development progresses ~
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Diceroller toolNo dice but you still want to play? Never fear! this diceroller will enable you to play Darker skies without ever touching a cube with dotted numbers on!

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To ask any questions, make suggestions or if you just want more information on anything on this site, please contact us by email at maverick@kironproductions.site90.com or via our facebook group.

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